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We are the place to come for technical help for Radio Broadcasters. Rates are affordable too! If you Don't see something? Be sure to Contact Us and see how Schropp Electronic Services Can Help You!

Services Available in the Carolinas and Neighboring Areas...

Schropp Electronics Services offers a complete portfolio of Radio Technical Services. Here's a partial list...

  • AM/FM Transmitter Site Construction
  • Studio Site/Multi-Station Construction
  • Full Station Maintenance Packages
  • STL Path Analysis/License Free Path Analysis
  • Audio Over IP
  • AM Directional Antenna Services
  • Full HD Installation and Service AM/FM
  • Web Streaming Setup and Maintenance
  • AM Occupied Bandwidth (NRSC) Measurements
  • FM Occupied Bandwidth Measurements
  • Interference Analysis for STL Systems
  • Station Computer Networking Assistance
  • RF Related Repair Services
  • Component Level Repair for Many Items
  • Coverage Evaluation FM/AM

Services Available Nationwide....

  • Station Evaluations
  • Station Inspections
  • Technical Management
  • Project Management/Assistance

How can Schropp Electronics Services help you? We know Radio and have been providing high quality yet affordable technical services for Radio Broadcasters since 1982. If you have never met the Broadcast Engineer that truly knows what happens in all areas of the Radio Station look no further. From Sales or Underwriting to on air operations we work to coordinate the operation of your station or stations to make the business of Radio Work.


FM Directional Antenna Still on the Manufacturer Test Range.

FM Antenna at Manufacturer Test Range


One of the services provided by Schropp Electronic Services is coverage evaluation for FM stations. In this case we found a poorly performing directional antenna. After upgrading the above antenna the stations coverage improved very significantly. This photo of the antenna is on manufacturers test range when Schropp Electronics Services verified the antenna before the station accepted delivery.