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Schropp Electronics Services has been providing high quality yet affordable technical services for Radio Broadcast since 1982 operating from Charlotte, NC. Single station or multi-station we can help you!

SES has More Test Gear than many Radio Chains!

Sometimes you just need the right test gear to get a radio station operating at peak efficiency. Schropp Electronics Services stands ready to fill your needs. We have on hand things like Impedance Bridge, Spectrum Analyzers, TDR, etc just to name a few...

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  • The Right People
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  • The Right Combination to Get the Job Done.
AM Station Occupied Bandwidth Measurement

This is a measurement of occupied bandwidth for an AM station.

Each AM Station is required to make an occupied bandwidth measurement every year (12 to 14 month intervals) If you have not been measured recently we can help. Have you been told you can not meet the NRSC mask? We can help you fix that problem too.